With the onset of the Second Wave, is India really ranking second? A Casual View


It shot up, then it shot down. It’s again shooting up! Yes, it’s the pandemic we are talking about.

COVID-19 has really been a show-stopper, this whole year of 2020! Howsoever, it may have impacted the world, it has certainly given birth to a lot of innovative statistics, a few worth mentioning and another few just exaggerating!

As of November 6, 2020, the World-o-Meter reports that there has been a total reported 49,649,250 Coronavirus cases worldwide with USA, India, and Brazil topping the charts, in terms of ranking. But, is this actually a correct way for visualization and for a matter of fact, upcoming planning?

Nevertheless, USA is topping the charts with 10,058,586 and India following next at 8,460,885, while Brazil at third with 5,632,505, in terms of the total number of Coronavirus cases but can we really consider it a correct the picturization of the actual situation?

Deep diving into the data for the top ten countries, we can preview a different picture altogether.

Covid Impact - A view with a different perspective

P.S. Data only 10 top countries as per total number of cases has been considered here. The picture would again be different if data is considered for all the countries worldwide.

In terms of the percentage of population impacted, USA still ranks number 1 with Spain and Argentina following behind. However, in terms of the percentage of new cases, France leads the show and Spain and USA follows behind. And, when we analyze the percentage of Coronavirus deaths, USA ranks 7th! The leaderboard reflects Mexico as the topper with UK and Brazil following behind.

In all the three views, India is at the core bottom! 

It’s worth mentioning here that the results above depend upon the tests conducted and India ranks 8th in terms of the tests conducted (83,357 tests per million population) among the Top 10 contributors. The highest number of tests have been conducted by the UK at 523,450 tests per million population; USA and Russia following thereafter at 467,759 and 435,344 tests per million people.

We also need to mention here that data for only 10 top countries as per total number of cases has been considered here. The picture would again be different if data is considered for all the countries worldwide.

As most European countries have reported a revival of the pandemic leading to a second wave, is India too, going to succumb to the wave? The answer to this is probably still not available, however going by the history of second waves, in the event of a repetition of virus spread, the situation would certainly be scary!

Considering economic factors, a second wave would be detrimental to the already crippling economy of the country. Even imposing small lockdowns in impacted areas causes a huge loss in the economic arena, as was evident in the shrinkage caused by the exodus of millions of migrant workers from cities to their villages earlier this year due to the closure of various commercial establishments.

With the festivals coming up, the winters approaching, and the gradual increase of air pollution, it’s wise to keep the masks on, even if your neighborhood now seems safe. Masks also play an important role in the prevention of silicosis and can help control the causes of tuberculosis, asthma, allergy, and other infectious diseases, too.

Whatever be the reality, it’s time for people to be cautious again by just simply following the COVID-19 protocols laid down by the World Health Organization as well as by the government. Time to continue Basic Hygiene, Social Distancing, Mask Up and scare the virus away!


Note: This article is just a personal view of the author and Quaque doesn’t warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the information provided or otherwise relating to such materials on any sites linked to this article. No content material should be taken as medical advice. Please contact your physician for any issues pertaining to your health.

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13 thoughts on “With the onset of the Second Wave, is India really ranking second? A Casual View”

  1. Agree with the views expressed by author.
    This is not the actual picture which is being shown to the entire world.
    Most of the cases I believe are not reported and are not made part of the cases reported in news media.
    If we look at the way the health sector contributed to safeguard the nation we cannot loose site of the current scenario where people are reported positive and then negative in short span of time , some private instructions are minting on the pandemic situation which should be taken care off.
    It is trite that the human kind cannot survive longer if lockdown continues , people are forced to come out to earn their livelihood, most of the population in our country is dependent on their daily earnings and the way establishments including different industries , shops , activities etc and everything is opening up in indian states we can see people roaming roaming around without safety masks all around. We need to follow basic protocols issued by government since second wave of pandemic covid19 which reported to have arrived in India has already covered most of the europe and they are imposing lockdown again. Simply the way forward to keep you and your family safe is to follow the safety precautions meticulously.
    Tapan garg

  2. Considering the population of India, the number of Covid positive people are microscopic. This is not only my view, but from my friend from Italy as we know the worst hit country is Italy according to the initial report.
    Now, coming to the economic aspect, this Covid Pandemic is used as an excuse of our Government to cover up its every failure and misdeeds.
    And the health and hygiene, this should be the basic right. In India, it’s a privilege. Today the AQI of Delhi is 408. The city is simply a gas chamber now. Without any second thought, we must restraint all our activities which lead to gathering or any additions to air pollution. Because Covid hits those who are having terminal diseases, lung problems and what not. If we compare its US counter part, then sorry to burst the myth of better health care there. US ensures Health Insurance, not Health Care. Period.
    Last but not the least, we have to understand the basic concepts of immunity. That cannot be gulped in form of medicine. Our day to day lifestyle, civic sense and mental set up are the key points. And of course, as a Nation, we are lagging behind.

  3. Let me talk about the European countries, be it France, Germany or Spain the winter is approaching and they are less productive in these months not like India where we don’t see much change of season apart from Northern part and North East, so these European countries have the luxury of lockdown, but we definitely don’t have, economy is crippled, now a sign of recovery, so with all the pressures from corporates and other finical institutions that matters we just have to maintain do gauz ki duri and have to wait for half tested vaccines to roll out. If you see European countries closing of schools is last thing on their mind as both parents are working or single parent system which is must for economy to keep moving, in India certainly we can not take that risk so lets hope for the Indian vaccine with better results. We will overcome this for sure.

  4. Well Written, the entire topic has become a taboo now, critical now to get the right figure and the current damage to publish globally by WHO 🙂i mean the data’s are to be believed authentic but at the same time we have seen so many instances where data’s has been manipulated. Ofcourse protocols has to be followed with utmost care till the time there is a charity.

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